Donate Life Hollywood Honors Positive Organ Donation Storylines

On June 22 Donate Life Hollywood will present an Inspire Award to the producers of THE 5TH QUARTER for the film’s positive organ donation storyline.

Donate Life Hollywood is a project of Donate Life America and OneLegacy designed to engage the entertainment community to inspire their fans and viewers to donate life.

The Donate Life Hollywood Inspire Awards are given annually to television episodes and films featuring organ donation and transplant storylines that:

Entertained: The writers utilized organ/tissue donation and transplantation to tell an engaging and dramatic story.
Enlightened: The episode conveyed factual information about the organ/tissue donation and transplant process and did not perpetuate common donation myths.
Inspired: Viewers were left with a positive feeling about organ/tissue donation that may motivate them to sign up as donors.

This year 11 television episodes and one independent film rose to the top to win a Donate Life Hollywood Inspire Award.

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